Aureum Rulers

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Millimeter Rulers for Dentistry


Aureum rulers were created to facilitate and speed up the work of treatment planning for esthetic rehabilitations and are based on calculations and studies of dental golden ratio, harmony, and esthetics. They emerged from the identification of the real difficulties of professionals and students.
Because they have geometric designs and pre-defined millimeter markings, the rulers do not need to perform  calculations and provide greater support and accuracy in clinical planning. The ruler can be used directly in the patient’s mouth, in dental models, on photographs or cell phone screens, and to assess dimensions for facial harmonization. Product developed in partnership with the State University of Londrina (UEL).

○ Rulers for the analysis of the dental golden ratio (5 different models in “T”): they help in the biometric verification of the face, in the studies and planning of esthetic treatments in maxillary anterior teeth. They have golden proportion diagrams and millimeter scales.
○ Rulers for aesthetic individual tooth proportion analysis: They have height and width dental proportion diagrams and millimeter scales. There are three “I” models – one for the maxillary central incisor (ICS), one for the maxillary lateral incisor (ILS) and one for the maxillary canine (CS). They assist in the biometric analysis of maxillary anterior teeth in order to assist in the planning of aesthetic treatments and dental rehabilitation and gingival surgical planning.
○ Millimeter ruler for dental photography: allows for the calibration of photographs taken and allows for accurate measurement of images and alignment, avoiding image distortions. In addition to being used to obtain photographs of a smile, it can be used to obtain photographs of prosthetic parts, biopsy material, among others.

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Presentation: Kit with 9 pieces - 1 ruler for photography, 5 rulers for analysis and golden proportion and 3 rulers for analysis of individual tooth proportion.